Shinobu Nemoto / FLOWERS
01 Diapensia Lapponica (22:50) 02 Trollius Riederianus (22:50)
All Music by Shinobu Nemoto for acoustic guitar, slight feedback, reel to reel. Recorded in January 2012. Photograph by Sarah Maria Raun.
Some signs. May have forgotten it for a long time. He wanted to compose for alpine plants.. Our heart vibrates like a sound vibrating. All life is vibration, inorganic matter vibrates, too. It is the same in the alpine low oxygen concentration and even in space. This album penetrate your heart like flowers that grow slowly. Then a fragrance of flowers blooming all over the area surrounds you.
Flowers is made up of two tracks nearly 23 minutes in length that focus almost entirely on the beats created between conflicting frequencies. So when acoustic guitar is revealed as the primary instrument on “Flowers” no one would fault you for questioning the truth of that claim. In fact, the only moments anything acoustic is even audible is in the split second pings and plucks before long, sonorous tones are unfurled that rise and fall in intensity and dissonance. The sound that is created lies somewhere between coiling feedback and the purity of sine waves as Shinobu Nemoto pares his instrument back to a resonant hum that is simple, but endlessly complex. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
$10 / ANALOGPATH009 / cdr Limited 100

    Diapensia Lapponica

  • Shinobu Nemoto